Vesting Service is used for participation purposes and determines your right to a pension benefit. To be eligible to receive a pension benefit, you must be vested.

Your hours of work in Covered Employment during the Contribution Period determine your Vesting Service. Hours of work for a contributing Employer in continuous non-covered employment counts toward Vesting Service as well.

You must complete 870 hours of work in a Calendar Year to earn a year of Vesting Service. You will not be credited with any years of Vesting Service before January 1, 1971 unless you earned at least three years of Vesting Service after December 31, 1970. Vesting Service can only be earned on or after January 1, 1950.

You will have a non-forfeitable right to a pension (or be vested) after completing five years of Vesting Service, provided you are a Plan participant at any time on or after July 1, 1999. Otherwise, you need 10 years of Vesting Service to be vested in the Plan.