Your Dependent’s eligibility ends at the same time your eligibility under the Plan ends or the date your Dependent no longer meets the definition of Dependent, whichever comes first.

If you die, eligibility for your Dependents will continue without self-payment for as long as you would have been eligible, based on your accumulated eligibility. If your Dependents elect COBRA Continuation Coverage, coverage that is provided on the basis of your accumulated eligibility will be run out before the COBRA Continuation Coverage period begins. If the Dependents elect the Special Health Coverage Continuation, payments at the applicable retiree rate will begin after the period in which Dependents have exhausted the coverage provided on the basis of the Employee’s accumulated eligibility. If your surviving spouse is eligible for, and begins receiving a pension benefit from the Sheet Metal Workers’ 73 Pension Fund, he or she and any eligible Dependent Children will begin retiree coverage immediately under the Special Health Coverage Continuation coverage, will begin paying the retiree rate for coverage, and will not be entitled to exhaust your accumulated eligibility under this Plan.