The Plan provides you with a free and confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that provides confidential supportive counseling, information and resources for you and your family members who are dealing with drug and/or alcohol abuse problems.

Employee Resource Systems (ERS) administers this program. ERS has a national network of counselors who are available for in-person or telephone support. EAP services are confidential, except that any threat-to-safety situations, such as child abuse, would be an exception to the confidentiality of the counseling.

To get started, you should call ERS at 1-800-292-2780 for any alcohol or other drug use or abuse issues. You will be connected with an EAP counselor who will talk with you on the phone and then schedule an in-person appointment. In urgent cases, counselors will quickly provide crisis intervention and a safety plan, when appropriate.

Call Employee Resource Systems (ERS) at 1-800-292-2780 to begin receiving free and confidential help.

There are no charges for using the EAP. You and your family members are eligible for up to three in-person assessment sessions. Issues that cannot be effectively addressed within those three sessions will be referred by the trained counselors to Providers under your medical plan of benefits.