This Plan complies with the Federal law regarding special enrollment procedures because all eligible Employees and their Eligible Dependents are automatically enrolled in this Plan as soon as they meet the Plan’s eligibility requirements. There is no option to decline coverage.

Special enrollment is allowed for newly acquired Dependents, including a new spouse, newborn child, newly adopted child, and child newly placed for adoption with the Employee. A Dependent eligible for special enrollment, including a spouse, birth child, child placed for adoption or adopted child, will become an eligible Participant on the date you acquire the Dependent. You must request special enrollment within 30 days of the date you acquire the Dependent to receive coverage as of the date you acquire the Dependent.

In addition, special enrollment is allowed under the Plan for you and/or your Dependent if you and/or your Dependent had coverage under Medicaid or the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (“SCHIP”) and later experience a loss of eligibility for such coverage, or if you and/or your Dependents become eligible to participate in a financial assistance program through Medicaid or SCHIP for coverage under the Plan. However, you and/or your Dependent must request enrollment within 60 days after losing eligibility or becoming eligible for financial assistance under Medicaid or the SCHIP program.