Acute medications should be filled at a participating network pharmacy. The retail pharmacy network is offered through OptumRx. To find out whether a particular pharmacy is a participating network pharmacy, call an OptumRx customer service representative at  1-800-880-1188 or visit the OptumRx website at

Acute medications are usually prescribed to treat acute conditions of a short-term or temporary nature such as an infection or the flu.  They are limited to a 34-day supply.

To fill this type of prescription simply:

  1. .Obtain a newly written prescription for each acute medication,
  2. Take the prescription to a participating  OptumRx network pharmacy,
  3. Identify yourself as an eligible Local 73 Welfare Fund Participant (for instance, by showing your prescription drug plan card), and
  4. Pay the required copayment and any deductible as shown in the Schedule of Benefits and you will receive the prescription drug with no additional paperwork or charge.

If you use a non-participating network pharmacy, you must pay for the entire cost of the medication when the prescription is filled. You must then complete an OptumRx Claim Form and submit it along with the original prescription receipt to the OptumRx Claims Department. You will be reimbursed at the negotiated pharmacy rate less the appropriate copayment.

You may obtain an OptumRx Claim Form by calling OptumRx  at 1-800-880-1188, visiting their website at, or contacting the Fund Office.