You are eligible for a Pro-Rata (Reciprocal) Pension if you:

  • Would be eligible for a pension if your total combined Pension Credits (Pension Credits under this Plan and other related Sheet Metal Worker Plans) is treated as service under the Sheet Metal Workers’ Local No. 73 Pension Plan,
  • Earned at least one Pension Credit under this Pension Plan, and
  • Are eligible for a Pro-Rata Pension under this Plan and at least one other SheetMetal Worker Plan.


The amount of the Pro-Rata (Reciprocal) Pension payable under this Plan is determined by multiplying the accrual rate in effect when you worked under this Plan by the Pension Credits earned under this Plan. The Pro-Rata (Reciprocal) Pension amount payable under a Related Plan will be based on the accrual rates and number of Pension Credits earned under the Related Plan.

If you have worked, or plan to work, under another Sheet Metal Worker Pension Plan, call or write the Fund Office for information.