The initial participation requirement is the first January 1 or July 1 after you’ve completed 870 hours of work in Covered Employment in a consecutive 12-month period for an Employer under the Plan.

You become a Plan participant after completing the initial participation requirement. The required hours may include hours you work for a contributing Employer in a job not covered by this Plan, if that non-covered employment is immediately before or after Covered Employment with the same Employer.

EXAMPLE: Joe started working in Covered Employment on February 1, 2010. By February 1, 2011, he had worked over 870 hours. Joe becomes a participant in the Plan on July 1, 2011.

Once you are a Plan participant, your participation will end only if you are not eligible for an immediate or deferred pension (other than disability) and you do not:

  • Complete at least 435 hours of Work in Covered Employment; or 
  • Earn at least 1/12 of a Pension Credit (1/4 of a Pension Credit before January 1, 1990) in a Calendar Year.

If your Plan participation ends, you will regain participation retroactive to the first day you return to Work after you once again meet the initial participation requirement.