If your Physician has prescribed a maintenance medication (long-term treatment), you should have your prescription filled by the mail order program. The mail order prescription drug service is administered by OptumRx.

To fill a maintenance prescription through OptumRx, simply:

  1. Obtain a new written prescription for each covered medication. OptumRx can only dispense the amount of medication your Physician has prescribed up to a 90-day supply. Show your Physician the material attached to the Prescription Drug Benefits brochure to help him or her write a prescription for this program.
  2. Complete the Mail Service Order Form/Patient Profile.
  3. Mail the written prescription, the profile, the order form and your copayment to OptumRx in the pre-addressed envelope. The copayment for each prescription order is shown in the Schedule of Benefits. If you need assistance determining the copayment amount, call OptumRx at
    1-800-880-1188 or visit their website at

You will receive refill labels (if refills remain) and a new order form in your prescription package. To obtain a refill order, simply affix the refill label to the back of the order form and send it to OptumRx. If you have no refills remaining or if your prescription has expired, contact your Physician for a new written prescription to send to OptumRx.

If you have a question about your prescription, call OptumRx at 1-800-880-1188 to speak with a Customer Service Representative.