For the purposes of Coordination of Benefits, the Fund Office:

  1. May release to or obtain from any other plan or other organization or person any claim information, and any person claiming benefits under the Fund must furnish any information that the Fund may require to coordinate benefits, in accordance with the federal law governing privacy and security of your medical records,
  2. Has the right, if an overpayment is made, to recover such overpayment from any other person or any other plan or organization, and
  3. Has the right to pay to any other plan or organization an amount it will determine to be warranted, if payments that should have been made by the Fund have been made by such organization.


If you or your Dependents file a claim with the Welfare Fund Office and fail to disclose relevant information concerning your coverage by another plan or other matters relating to coordination of benefits, the Welfare Fund has the right to recover any and all overpayments directly from you, your Dependents, your insurance company or any other person or organization. The Fund also has the right to withhold benefits from you or your Dependents until such amounts are recouped, together with interest or lost earnings, attorneys’ fees, and costs.