If you go to work in Covered Employment in the Sheet Metal Industry that is not covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Employer and the Union after December 31, 1989, you will not be able to receive a Disability Pension.
You may, however, be entitled to a Regular, Early Retirement or Deferred Pension, if you meet the requirements for such a pension. See Regular PensionNormal Retirement Age PensionDeferred PensionRule of 95 Pension and Pro-Rata (Reciprocal) Pension.

If you become totally and permanently disabled, you may qualify for a Disability Pension if you have at least 10 Pension Credits, including four Pension Credits earned during the Contribution Period and ½ of a Pension Credit earned during the 12-month period immediately preceding the time you became totally and permanently disabled. It is important that you notify the Trustees as soon as your disability occurs so that you can establish compliance with these time limits.