Your Initial Eligibility


Your eligibility for Plan coverage will be determined on a quarterly basis. You become eligible for benefits under the Plan in an Eligibility Quarter based on the hours of contributions actually made (except as provided below) for work you performed in Covered Employment in the corresponding Contribution Quarter, as described in the chart below. To be eligible for coverage in an Eligibility Quarter, you must have at least 250 hours in the corresponding Contribution Quarter or 1,000 hours in the previous four Contribution Quarters as follows:


To be eligible for benefits in this Eligibility Quarter

You must have 250 hours during this Contribution Quarter OR

You must have 1,000 hours during these months



November through October



February through January



May through April



August through July


Covered Employment is defined as work for which a contributing Employer is required to make contributions on your behalf to this Welfare Fund under the terms of a collective bargaining agreement with Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 73. Notwithstanding any language to the contrary in this SPD, you will be credited with the number of hours actually reported by a contributing Employer for up to three consecutive months even if the contributing Employer fails to make the required contributions on your behalf for those months.

Example 1

Tom worked 267 hours during the May, June, and July Contribution Quarter. As a result, he would be eligible for coverage during the October, November, and December Eligibility Quarter.

Example 2

Sam worked only 200 hours during November, December, and January. However, Sam worked 1,015 hours during the preceding February through January (four Contribution Quarters). Even though Sam did not work 250 hours during the November, December, and January Contribution Quarter, he is still eligible for coverage during the April, May, and June Eligibility Quarter because he worked 1,000 hours during the previous four Contribution Quarters of February through January.

If you are an Apprentice and you attend the 10½-week pre-apprentice program, you are eligible to participate in the Fund immediately after you successfully complete the program.