You can go to any licensed Dentist, but you could increase your benefits and lower your out-of-pocket costs by going to a Dentist who participates with Delta Dental. There are two levels of savings within this program. The highest level of cost savings occurs if you go to a Delta Preferred Option (DPO) Dentist. Your savings would be the result of lower out-of-pocket costs under your co-pays.

If you do not go to a DPO Dentist, savings are still possible if the Dentist participates in another Delta Dental program called Delta Premier. This second level of coverage may reduce your costs in comparison to a Dentist that does not participate with Delta Dental, but you might have to pay more than if you chose a DPO Dentist.

Dentists who participate in the DPO USA (Point-of-Service) program at either level have agreed to accept payment based on a predetermined schedule. If the Dentist’s fee is higher than the amount in the Delta Dental fee schedule, he or she cannot charge you the difference. This means you will pay only your copayment and deductible, if any, for covered services when you go to a Delta Dental participating Dentist. Participating Dentists will also complete and file claims for you.

There are more than 108,000 Delta Premier Dentists. To find the names of participating Dentists near you, call the Fund Office or visit Please note that you remain free to visit any Dentist you choose regardless of DPO or Delta Premier membership.

Important. If you go to a Delta Dental participating Dentist, the Dentist will submit the claim form and you will only be responsible for any deductibles and copayments. If you go to a non-participating Dentist, you may be required to pay the Dentist his or her fees at the time of service, and then file a claim with Delta Dental for reimbursement under the Dental Plan