The requirements for continuing coverage for you and your Dependents are outlined in the following chart.

Eligibility for your Dependents continues while you are eligible for benefits, as long as they continue to meet the definition of Dependent under the Plan.

Your Eligibility Continues For the Month Of.. If You Have 1,700 Hours in the Preceding 12-Month Period.. OR You Have at Least 100 Hours in the Month Of... If You Do Not Have The Necessary Hours, Your Eligibility Terminates On...
February January through December December January 31
March February through January January February 28 or 29
April March through February February March 31
May April through March March April 30
June May through April April May 31
July June through May May June 30
August July through June June July 31
September August through July July August 31
October September through August August September 30
November October through September September October 31
December November through October October November 30
January December through November November December 31


Example: How Coverage Continues
Continuing from the previous eligibility example, John first became eligible for coverage on June 1, 2014. In order to continue eligibility in July 2014, John must have either 1,700 hours from June 1, 2013 through May 31, 2014 or have at least 100 hours during the month of May 2014.