In general, your Dependent Child is no longer eligible for coverage when he or she reaches age 26. However, if your child is determined to be mentally or physically disabled before reaching age 26 and continues to be mentally or physically disabled and dependent on you for at least half of his or her support, your child will continue to be covered as your Dependent. To qualify, your Child’s disability must begin before his or her coverage would otherwise end. You must contact the Fund office within 31 days before Plan benefits might otherwise terminate and provide proof of your Child’s continuing disability in order to apply for continued coverage for your disabled or handicapped Child. You should notify the Fund Office immediately when your Dependent Child is no longer eligible for coverage.

If eligible, your Dependent Child may elect to continue coverage under COBRA for up to 36 months after your Dependent Child loses eligibility. You or your Dependent Child must notify the Fund Office within 60 days of the date your Child no longer meets the definition of a Dependent Child in order to obtain COBRA Continuation Coverage. If you or your Dependent Child fails to do so, the child will not be eligible to elect COBRA Continuation Coverage.