Each calendar year, before the Plan begins to pay benefits, you must pay the individual deductible listed in your Schedule of Benefits. Your family meets the deductible when three family members have paid their individual deductibles during the calendar year. After that, no other covered family members will have to meet the individual deductible.

The deductible applies only once in a calendar year even though you may have several different Sicknesses or Injuries during that period. So that your medical claims will not be subject to a deductible late in one calendar year and soon again in the following year, any expenses applied against the deductible in the last three months of a calendar year may also be applied against the deductible for the next calendar year.

When you use a Blue Cross Blue Shield Center of Excellence facility to receive transplant benefits, you are not required to pay the deductible for these expenses. You also do not need to satisfy the deductible before being eligible for Hospice benefits.