You and your Eligible Dependents’ right to receive benefit payments, appeal a claim, or bring a cause of action against the Plan is personal to you or your Eligible Dependents.  Any claim or rights under the Plan, which includes but is not limited to any right to appeal a claim under the procedure set forth in the Plan document, any right to bring a cause of action against the Plan in any forum, or any right to receive benefits or benefit payments from the Plan, is not assignable or transferrable in whole or in part to any other person, Provider, or other entity at any time.  Any assignment or transfer of a claim or other rights to receive benefit payments is void unless you or your Eligible Dependents receive written consent from the Board of Trustees. Nothing in this clause will prevent the Plan from paying a Provider or similar entity directly and any such payment shall not constitute a waiver of this anti-assignment clause.  In addition, the Trustees’ consent or lack thereof to the assignment or transfer of benefits does not affect your or your Eligible Dependents’ eligibility for benefits under the Plan.