Generally, you must apply for your pension benefits before you want your payments to begin. You can obtain a pension application by writing, calling or visiting the Fund Office. You can also get a copy of the pension application and instructions. Please note that to apply for a pension from the Sheet Metal Workers’ National Pension Fund, you should call 1-800-231-4622 or obtain a copy of the pension application from the National Pension Fund’s website, which is

Processing Your Application

Once you receive a pension application, you must complete and submit the application and supporting documents to the Fund Office before you want payments to begin. Your completed application must be received at least 30 days – but no more than 90 days – before your retirement date. Your spouse or other beneficiary must apply in the event of your death. You should file as soon as you decide on your intended Retirement date. Early filing will avoid delay in the processing of your application and payment of benefits.

When applying for a pension, the Plan will use your Effective Date to calculate and pay benefits under the Plan. Your Effective Date is generally the first day of the month on or after the later of:

  • The first day of the month following your submission of a completed application for benefits; or
  • Thirty days after the Plan provides you with your available payment options.

Your Effective Date will never be later than the Required Beginning Date.

You may defer your benefit payments until your Required Beginning Date, which is the April 1st of the Calendar Year following the Calendar Year in which you reach age 70½.

Your application is not considered complete until all necessary supporting paperwork has been submitted to the Fund Office. All required information must be on file within 90 days from the time your pension application is first received, or your application will be closed and you must reapply for pension benefits.

To receive benefits, you must file an application form with the Fund Office. If your application is denied, you may appeal the decision.

Your pension application and supporting documentation must be considered fully complete by the Fund Office before pension payments can begin. Benefits will not be paid for any period before the first day of the month following the month the Fund Office receives your completed application and supporting documentation.

Your application is subject to the approval by a Committee of the Trustees at the next monthly meeting following your completion of the application process.

Proof of Age

Instructions describing the types of acceptable proof of age will be given to you with your application. If you are married, you must provide proof of your spouse’s age and proof of your marriage when submitting your completed application to the Fund Office.

Marital Status

If you are or have been divorced and your former spouse was assigned a portion or all of your benefits under the Plan, you will not be able to begin the distribution of your benefits until the Fund Office has received either an approved Qualified Domestic Relations Order (DIVORCE) or a waiver from your former spouse with respect to any interest in your benefits that has been assigned to her/him.