When you retire or leave covered employment, you should request an application to claim your benefits from the Fund Office. Payment cannot be made to you until an application is received at the Fund Office and is approved by the Trustees. The Fund Office will rely on any information you provide when reviewing your application.

Generally, the Fund Office will provide you with an explanation of the forms of payment and amount of those payments available to you within 90 days of receipt of your application. Under special circumstances, this 90-day period may be extended up to 180 days. You will be notified of such an extension, why the extension is necessary, and when you can expect a decision on your application. To protect your rights, you should contact the Fund Office if you have not received a response within 90 days after filing your application.

If your application is for a distribution due to a disability, you will receive written notice of a decision within 45 days of receipt of your application. If additional time is required to make a determination (for reasons beyond the control of the Plan), you will be notified within this time. The Plan may extend this 45-day period up to an additional 60-day maximum (two periods of 30 days each). You will be notified in writing before the end of the 45-day period if the first extension is used or within 75 days, if the second extension is used.

If additional information is needed to process and make a determination on your application when it is due to a disability, the Plan will notify you within 45 days of receiving your request. You then have up to 45 days in which to submit the additional information. If you do not provide the information within this time, your application may be denied.

Generally, once your application has been approved, benefits are payable within 45-60 days. If your application is denied you have the right to request a review.

In the event it is determined that you, your surviving spouse or beneficiary is unable to care for your affairs because of mental or physical incapacity, any payment due may be applied to your maintenance and support or to such person as the Trustees find to be appropriate.