The Trustees have the authority and discretion to determine what constitutes Durable Medical Equipment and covered supplies for items not listed, and when to rent, lease or purchase the equipment.

Covered Supplies

Alternating Pressure Point Pads

Apnea Monitor

Blood Plasma or Whole Blood

Bone Growth Stimulators

Braces (except dental)

Canes and Crutches

Casts, Splints, Binders (such as cervical collars, knee braces or crutches)

Compression Garment (inflatable & non-inflatable including surgical stockings)

Custom Foot Orthotics (ordered by DPM, MD, OD only)


Glucose Monitor

Hospital Beds (manual or electric)

Infusion Pumps (enteral or parenteral nutritional therapy only)

Intermittent Compression Units

Kidney Hemodialysis Machines

Muscle Stimulators (used during therapy)

Nasal CPAP


Nerve Stimulator

Orthotic Devices

Ostomy Supplies (for colostomy or ileostomy)

Oxygen and Rental Equipment (for the administration of oxygen)


Penile Implants

Prosthesis, Artificial Limbs or Eyes (except replacement thereof)

Radium, Radioactive Isotopes and X-ray Therapy

Surgical Bras (post-mastectomy)

Surgical Dressing (therapeutic and protective coverings applied to wounds or lesions either on the skin or opening to the skin in connection with a surgical procedure performed by a Surgeon, including: adhesive tape, roll gauze, bandages, and disposable compression material)

Therapeutic Mattress

Traction Equipment

Ultra-Violet Equipment



Wheel chairs


Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Bathtub or Shower Seat/Bench/Chair


Biofeedback Equipment

Birth Control Devices

Blood Pressure Cuff

Breast Pumps

Cervical Pillow


Colonic Irrigation Units

Communication Devices

Environmental Equipment including: Air Cleaner, Air Filter, Humidifier, Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier, Precipitator, and Vaporizers

Exercise Equipment


Food Blenders

Gravetonical Traction Device


Heating Pads

Hot Tubs

Hydraulic Lifts

Lifts, Transfer Boards/Bench

Massage Devices

Nocturnal Enuresis Devices

Sauna Baths/Sitz Baths

Shoe Inserts, Arch Supports, Heel Lifts

Water Piks

Whirlpools/Whirlpool Equipment