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The Board of Trustees of the Sheet Metal Workers' Local 73 Welfare Fund is pleased to present this revised website that describes the benefits provided to Active Employees and their Dependents by the Sheet Metal Workers' Local 73 Welfare Fund Plan C as of July 2010, and supersedes all previous Summary Plan Description (SPD) booklets. A seperate booklet describes the benefits for Plan A members and their Eligible Dependents.

This website provides information on how you and your Eligible Dependents may qualify for benefits and just what benefits (medical, vision, prescription drug, death, weekly disability, etc.) the Fund covers.

It is important for the orderly and proper processing of your claims to have your current address on file with the Fund Office. Therefore, if you change your address, please contact the Fund Office immediately, or fill out the the Change of Address Form

You may change your designated Beneficiary only by completing a new Universal Beneficiary Designation Form and filing it with the Fund Office.

It is the goal of the Trustees to provide Employees and their Dependents with the best health and welfare benefits within the financial limitations of the Fund. We will continue to strive toward this goal.

Best wishes for your good health.



The Board of Trustees reserves the right, whenever in their judgment, conditions so warrant, to:

(1) Alter, amend, modify or discontinue the level of benefits, the rate of self-payments, and
(2) Discontinue the Plan and discontinue the further payments of the Plan at any time.

However, as long as the Plan is in existence, the Plan will be administered for the exclusive benefit of covered Employees and their Dependents or beneficiaries.


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